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Career Opportunities
At CLC, we value individuals who are passionate about pushing personal boundaries in delivering high quality work. That includes an emphasis on striking a fair balance between work and life outside work. We encourage the pursuit of activities and interests outside work as we recognise that this is essential towards the development of an all-round professional.

We are always looking for lawyers, pupils and staff who share the same philosophies, aspirations and passion towards work, life and the law.

Lawyers and Pupils
At CLC, lawyers and pupils are afforded the opportunity to be involved in complex and high profile corporate projects, many of which involve cross-border transactions. True to our motto of ??nnovative responses, tomorrow’s practices?? we aim to develop a mindset where one welcomes challenges and constantly seeks knowledge and self-improvement. We are also committed to providing the training and support that is necessary to develop the requisite knowledge and skills.

Every pupil is recruited with a view to retention as well as a long-term career development with the Firm, whilst lawyers who are highly motivated with a ??an-do, and do it well??attitude will find themselves well-rewarded and appreciated at CLC.

Whether you are fresh from law school or looking for an opportunity to expand your professional practice, we encourage you to get in touch as we are confident that CLC provides the perfect opportunity for you to build a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

Pro bono lawyer
We are also looking for an associate who is passionate about pro bono work and is prepared to work independently with the Legal Aid Centre on a full time basis. If this is an opportunity you are interested in, please send us your CV with a short convincing explanation that this will be an area of real interest to you and why you think you will be able to make a life long career of helping others.

Support Staff
Similarly, we are looking for team players to compliment and support the lawyers at the Firm as paralegals, secretaries and/or administrative officers, and welcome open-minded, hardworking individuals.

Attachment Students
If you are a penultimate or final year law student, or mid-way through the CLP or BVC, and are looking for a challenge during your vacation, we would like to hear from you.

If you are interested in applying for a position with us, you may write to any of the partners or drop by the Firm for an informal chat.